The Latino Charter Leaders Roundtable (LCLR) was formed as an affinity group and roundtable of not-for-profit and educational leaders in January 2012 to support current and aspiring Latino leaders of charter schools and, in so doing, benefit all children in New York City.

The founding group, comprised of: Marilyn Calo, Anthony López, Dr. Elaine Ruíz López, Dr. Vasthi Acosta, Cynthia Rosario, Christian Guerrero, and Ismaél Colón, Teresa Gomez and Veronica Almedina.

The purpose of LCLR is to establish a working relationship among and between affiliated individuals and the Roundtable.

The group’s goal is to create a pipeline for Latino leadership in charter schools, support professional development of educators and address issues that concern them.

For more information about LCLR, please contact Dr. Vasthi Acosta at: